Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Senator Suredum Calls Animal Rights Groups "Poopoo Heads"
04/13/2004 16:56:36

(Oklahoma City, OK) -- Senator Frank Suredum of Henryetta, champion of gambling interests and the cockfighting industry lost his usually urbane manner today, calling animal rights groups such as the Coalition to Ban Cockfighting and the Humane Society of the U.S. a "bunch of phonies." "He went further, calling them "poopoo heads, naughty nitwits and meanies". Following a case from last January where a poor family had 90 chickens worth over $50,000 confiscated, Suredum says he wants the people of Oklahoma to know the truth behind the animal rights group movements, citing that not one animal rights group has actually called him to ask about the welfare of the chickens. He says the groups are only interested in seeing the family prosecuted for a $10-thousand fine and ten years in the state penitentiary. Suredum was quoted as saying, "They really don't give a damn about animals or chickens" and "they are only interested in punishing people." Suredum says if the Oklahoma Legislature do (sic) not change the law on the procession (sic) and ownership of game fowl, er chickens, hundreds of law-abiding Oklahoma gamblers and chicken abusers will face felony charges for not slaughtering their birds.

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