Monday, April 12, 2004

Wacky and Troubled

I haven't seen any Kerry TV commercials yet but I've seen at least two versions of Bush/Cheney commercials ABOUT Kerry. Each one opens with President Bush walking down a colonnaded corridor toward the camera and a voice-over telling us he approved the commercial we are about to watch. The first commercial is called "Troubling" and covers Kerry's "troubling" record on trying to raise taxes. The second commercial I saw today for the first time is called "Wacky" and focuses again on Kerry's tax policy. You can view these commercials at the Bush/Cheney site. I don't find the contents and claims of either commercial believable. The commercial includes a claim that Kerry will raise taxes by some enormous amount within his first 100 days in office. How would the Bush campaign know what Kerry's timetable and agenda is? Such silly claims negate the credibility of the other claims in the commercials.

This weekend I received in the mail a nice computer-addressed photo of George W and Laura Bush. The nice couple were smiling in a familiar way - the way my Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy do when you pay them a surprise visit. And right there below the autographed photo it was addressed to me! Only problem was Uncle George and Aunt Laura addressed me by my unused middle name.

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