Friday, May 07, 2004

Attack of the Mullets

Living next door to a family of mullet-heads for the last few months has been interesting and disappointing at the same time. They removed all the shades and drapes when they moved in so it's been easy to observe their behavior - even when the neighbors didn't want to. My windows face the mullet family's windows so I have to keep my blinds closed so I don't catch a glimpse of the alpha male walking around iwith his hairy belly hanging over his Fruit of the Looms. But disappointing because all winter long they stayed inside. I hope they come out soon and mow their grass,

I hope my mullets aren't like a couple of others in the news this week. On Wednesday a mullet named Russell William Brunson was arrested for outrunning a pursuing Tulsa police car and colliding with two cars and injuring several innocent people. Meth was reportedly found in his car. His photo in the paper is a classic mullet shot. Also this week, another Oklahoma mullet-head was convicted of shooting and killing his brother. This mullet's stepfather is accused of helping his stepson dismember the brother and put his remains in a pond and an SUV.

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