Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Inhofe on TV

I've seen Senator (James) Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma on TV several times lately to talk about the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal and each time I pray (to no avail) that the network would not identify the state he represents. In each case Inhofe seems more interested in talking about how bad the enemy is rather than on what our standards must be. Inhofe said today he was "more outraged by the outrage (over the Iraqi prisoner scandal) than about the mistreatment (of the Iraqi prisoners). "Aren't these the people that are out killing our soldiers?" he asked. The answer of course is they may or may not be - they are suspects. Does Inhofe think foreign suspects should be presumed guilty and subjected to illegal treatment in American custody? It appears to be so.

In a slap at Inhofe on Nightline tonight Senator John McCain (a former POW) made the point that America is defined by how we treat our prisoners. Everytime McCain speaks it reminds me how much we are missing by not having him in the Oval Office. It also reminds me of why Inhofe's influence doesn't begin to compare with McCain's.

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