Saturday, July 24, 2004

Boren and Free Sling Mud Like Crazy

While the Republican candidates for the US Senate race in Oklahoma pound each other over the head with negative ads (except Coburn) the Democrat candidates for the Congressional seat from Eastern Oklahoma are slinging mud like crazy also. Dan Boren and Kalyn Free have engaged in a bitterly negative back and forth battle of ads that leave the citizens confused about who is for what and who's lying the most.

I don't vote for anyone that's cozy with the NRA so when I heard that Boren was endorsed by the NRA I thought Free had a point. But then Free comes out with an ad that touts her membership in the NRA. Okay, no points here. Then I hear that Boren voted with the lowlife cockfighters in votes in the Oklahoma Legislature this year. Okay, can't vote for any twit that's cozy with chicken fighters. Then I see a Free ad that accuses Boren of being in favor of moving jobs to Mexico. I'm not voting for any candidate that is anti-free trade and uses outsourcing as a red herring to pander to people that don't understand economics. Best thing to do in this race is just skip over it on the ballot. Neither one of them deserves a vote.

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