Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Election for US Senate Heats Up

The Oklahoma State Chamber is focusing on getting pro-business candidates elected this year and employers are funding the effort under the rubric of the "Prosperity Project".    To see what they are up to take a look at their website.   One of the leaders of the effort is Paula Marshall Chapman, CEO of Bama Pie in Tulsa.  I drove by her mansion the other day and noticed she had Kirk Humphreys signs in her yard.   I see a lot of Humphreys signs on the public rights of way and on highways but Tom Coburn signs predominate in private yards in my neighborhood.   Haven't seen any Bob Anthony signs in yards yet.

I did catch part of the TV debate between the Republican candidates for US Senate and was most impressed by the candidate I had never heard of before - Jay Richard Hunt.  Kirk had the best tan.  Anthony had trouble speaking.  Kirk, Tom and Bob all tried to outdo each other in pandering to the religious right by bashing gays.  If you missed it KFOR-TV's Kelly Ogle had this "incisive" analysis of the debate.

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