Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mystery Trip Goes Sour for Governor

A few months ago Governor Brad Henry led a delegation to China to promote business between Oklahoma and China. The trip was a closely held secret until the final few days before the group left for China. Not that the press didn't try to get the facts - they found out about the trip weeks in advance but the Governor's office refused to talk. Sources in the Governor's office say the Governor didn't want the press to have time to make an issue out of the trip.

Since the delegation of educators, government reps and a few businesspeople returned from the trip to China there has been a steady flow of grumbling regarding the Governor's behavior in China. Several participants have been outspoken in expressing their disappointment that the Governor ignored his fellow Oklahomans throughout their time in China. "The Governor stayed holed up in his suite with his staff the whole time" said one source. "The Governor wasted a good opportunity to befriend a group of Oklahomans and instead earned a big fat zero in our book."

Other delegation members faulted the Gov for behaving like a prima dona and canceling long-scheduled events at the last minute - like an appearance at a sister state event - and upsetting the Chinese hosts.

Sounds like the Governor made enemies from one end of the Earth to the other.

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