Sunday, September 26, 2004

Missing the Judds

When I leave the house I try to at least dress up in a t-shirt, shorts, socks and shoes but, unless I have a meeting, I don't go beyond that minimal effort to look presentable. I must have looked pretty destitute a few months ago on a day when I decided to eat at the Route 66 Cafe in Tulsa.

As I was entering the cafe a scrawny fellow in blue jeans and what we call a "cowboy shirt" turned to me with a huge grin and an unusual greeting - "how ya doin'? Did you see the Judds last night?" For a moment, I thought he had said "juggs" but a synaptic spark ignited and reminded me the Judds were some sort of country and western singing group. "Uh, no" I said, "I missed them." Still enthusiastic, the cowboy must have felt my pain and tried to console me. "Well, the tickets were $15 and I guess you couldn't afford it - it was kind of expensive," he nodded in sympathy as he went through the door.

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