Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dancing Brad vs Christian Brad

The latest anti-Brad Carson Republican TV ad features a cartoon of a dancing Brad Carson and a silly claim that Brad wants to increase every Oklahoman's taxes by $7,000 You can view the ad at SoonerPolitics. This race is really getting low - because the stakes are high for the two major parties.

Today I received a Brad Carson brochure in the mail that makes three key points about Carson: 1) he is Christian, 2) a fiscal conservative and 3) an independent leader. Points 2 and 3 I can understand, but why does Brad want to tell us which church he goes to? Obviously, he has to try to neutralize Republican Tom Coburn's appeal to evangelical conservatives. The brochure features photos of Brad hunting, he and his wife holding a Bible in church, and walking next to an oil well. This is what you have to do to win an election in Oklahoma. Pretty sad.

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