Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I May Skip This One

Wow! The local TV is just full of anti-Carson attack ads tonight. There's a new one from the that features a cartoon Carson with a cartoon Sen. Kennedy and a cartoon Kerry pulling the strings of a puppet Carson. This group out of Washington DC is getting pretty nasty in their attacks on Carson. As the Tulsa World reports, over a $1million of their money has come from two fat cat energy company executives from Oklahoma City.

There have been some pretty nasty TV ads from Carson too - the worst were attacks on Coburn for allegedly sterilizing a young girl without her permission. The Carson ad was pretty despicable.

I received a mailer yesterday from Carson attacking Coburn for allegedly welcoming both illegal and legal immigration. Yes, illegal immigration is bad but legal immigration is not. To appeal to the anti-immigration prejudices of people is also despicable. After reading the mailer I went out and ripped the Carson sign out of my yard.

Even though I think the duo of Coburn and Inhofe would be a huge embarrassment for Oklahoma I must say Carson is trying my patience and I'm considering not voting in this race. Both Coburn and Carson and their out-of-state proxies have behaved very badly in their campaign tactics.

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