Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Where Caution Meets Nonsense

Since 911 many people have been saying that "everything changed" on that date. The candidates for president argue over whether terrorism is, or should become a nuisance or an all-consuming fear. I think that if we believe "everything has changed" then the terrorists have won. We should counter their terror but we should strive to maintain our quality of life by refusing to let the terrorists change our lives. Sometimes, we seem to go out of our way to make life a nuisance and blame it on 911.

The other day I was at the Tulsa Airport and needed to drop some mail off before I got on the plane. "No, we don't have a mailbox anywhere on the airport," the hospitality desk lady said. "Haven't had since 911." I found the old mailbox on a wall but the slit had been covered over with a closed sign. Now I can understand not having a mailbox large enough for boxes and bombs but it makes NO SENSE to not have a mailbox with a slit for envelopes. As far as I know, no bomb can fit in a #10 envelope. There are a million places at the airport where bombs could be placed so what's the deal with a small mailbox for the convenience of the public?

This may seem like a small inconvenience to the citizenry but when you add up all the nonsensical inconveniences that we have had put upon us it adds up to a loss of life quality. It's exactly what we should not allow to happen.

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