Saturday, January 17, 2004

Adventures in Customer Service

I just spent almost 50 minutes trying to get an egg and sausage biscuit from McDonalds. I went through the drive through and peeked into the bag to check the order when they gave it to me but it wasn't until I got home and unwrapped the food that I found the sausage and egg biscuit had no sausage or egg on it. I went back. The place was in chaos when I walked in. A middle-aged woman was yelling at her co-workers to stop serving breakfast. Customers were yelling that they had been standing in line for 30-minutes and wanted their (*%* breakfasts. I got in line and worked my way to the front. By this time the whole system had broken down and the English-speaking staff was yelling at the apparently uncomprehending Hispanic cooks. All of them ignored the customers for a good ten minutes while they yelled at each other. By the time I got my chance to be waited on I settled for french fries instead of hashbrowns and no apology. I just wanted to get out of there and never come back. If the food hadn't of been meant for my daughter I would have just thrown my naked biscuit at them all and left.

Note: if you ever want to give a company a piece of your mind, try

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Expanding the Search

I'm all for a beefed up space program that will take us back to the Moon and on to Mars but I had to laugh at Kucinich's observation that President Bush must be expanding the search for WMD to other planets since he couldn't find them in Iraq.
Who Got Life First?

Hugh Ross (aka: Reasons to Believe) sez that we'll find life on Mars but that it came from Earth - not the other way around, as some believe. It would be very inconvenient if we determined that the first life in the universe did not originate on Earth. After all, we humans are the center of the Universe and the whole shebang was created just for us. The discovery that our solar system didn't revolve around us was unwelcome news - just imagine what the discovery of life on other planets that predates life on Earth would do?

Our pastor pointed out again last week how ludicrous the theory of evolution is. He pointed out that if you throw a piece of meat on the ground it won't evolve into something else. Now that's what I call proof positive! Scary.
Gone Nuts

Aaron Mitchell Gordon at Freezerbox thinks America has Gone Nuts and points to sodomy, Ann Coulter, and Queer Eye as proof.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Jerry Falwell wants $75 from me? For Israel?

Knowing that Israel is the number one recipient of foreign aid from the United States ( over $1 billion a year) I almost gagged tonight when I saw Jerry Falwell on my tv asking me to send $75 to the Guardians of Israel to help Israel. Truth be told, Falwell triggers the gag reflex in me anyway, but to hear him and others asking me to send yet more money to Israel was over the top. I think Ethiopia, Haiti etc are full of truly needy, starving people who desperately need help to stay alive. I feel sorry for those who suffer poverty and starvation and I do everything I can to help out, through World Neighbors (based in Oklahoma) and Feed the Children - but Israel has enough money (much of it from US taxpayers like you and me) to take care of its small population. Judging by the jowls on Falwell he's not doing too bad either.