Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Ambulance Chaser?

An article buried on page 26 of the Tulsa World last Sunday reports that David M. Garrett, an attorney, was arrested at his law office in Muskogee on Friday. He was arrested for alledged sexual battery charges. He is accused of grabbing women. The article also reported that Garrett was accused of sexual misconduct in a lawsuit in 1995. That matter was settled out of court.

Is this David Garrett the same "ambulance chaser" attorney that advertises on TV and invites people to sue for everything from accidents to drug side effects? The guy whose moto is "I Know What to Do."? You would think that the Tulsa World would tell us whether this is the same guy or not. The Garrett that advertises on TV is widely dispised in Northeast Oklahoma for his commercials. In one such commercial a supposed couple are telling us that they sued a nursing home for malpractice when their mother dies and the actor claims that his "mother" died with dignity because Garrett got a ton of money for him out of the nursing home. Makes you sick.

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