Saturday, June 14, 2003

Are you with "the Family"?

The interesting Juzcuz brings to our attention a couple of sources on a bizarre story of intrigue that touches on Oklahoma's US Senators Inhofe and Nickles as well as ex-Congressman Largent. The story is that a secretive Christian group of powerful executives and government leaders runs a house in Washington where some Congressmen, including Largent, have lived and that seems to have a strange agenda among world leaders. Much of the story is said to be covered in a Harpers story by a writer named Sharlett. It's almost too bizarre to believe - and I'll be checking it out more thoroughly. In the meantime, you might want to read the links for yourself.

In an earlier blog I told you about hearing the Reverend Billy Joe Daugherty tell a huge audience that Senator Inhofe sets up meetings with leaders in Africa on the pretense of discussing bilateral matters and then uses the meeting to try to "bring the African leader to the Lord". If Senator Inhofe does this, in his capacity as US Senator, it is outrageous. If any of the facts in these articles on "the Family" are correct, it is outrageous, and downright scary. Ok, Oklahoma media, are you going to set on this one?

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