Sunday, June 08, 2003

Oklahoma Judge Does Pharmacists' Bidding

A state judge has done what the pharmacists wanted him to do, deny Oklahomans access to cheap, good, Canadian pharmacies and their cheaper prices. On the pretense of protecting Oklahomans from "questionable" Canadian pharmacies the Oklahoma Pharmacy Board got an Oklahoma County judge to order the shutdown of Tulsa-based RxDepot because they sold medicine from Canadian pharmacists. Prices for medicines in Canada are much lower than US prices because the Canadian Government has price controls on medicines. Millions of Americans now get their prescription medicine from Canada. The irony is that most (70%) of that medicine from Canada is MADE IN AMERICA! The rest comes from Canada and the United Kingdom - not what you'd consider unreliable sources of medicine.

Of course, prices for medicines in the US are the highest in the world. The medicine makers reap the cream of profits off Americans to subsidize their expansions in foreign markets. Our government lets them, almost invites them, to do this. Our system is broke. Canada's system works pretty well. But we are so blind to good ideas from outside our borders that we don't seem to care what works elsewhere. Our leadership has been without leadership in solving these problems. Could it be because the pharmaceutical companies are among the biggest contributors to their campaigns?

So, the solution? It seems to be to shut down every way consumers have of taking matters into their own hands. Force Americans, including the poor and elderly, to pay through the nose for drugs from American sources.

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