Monday, June 30, 2003

Supreme Court Opens Gates of Hell!!

Well, at least that's what our pastor said in church last Sunday when he was warning us that the Court's striking down of Texas' anti-sodomy law was just the beginning. He said if we hope to stop the legalization of "homosecshul" marriage we had better get serious about only voting for political candidates that will openly declare allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Pastor Billy was just one of the alarmed that I heard from. I listen to talk radio when driving because it is so irritating it keeps me awake - and the coming of the abomination of homosexual marriage was all I heard on the radio this week. Laura Ingram was foaming at the mike on her show tonight - telling me I'd better help get some REAL hardcore conservatives on the Supreme Court.

I find this amusing to some degree - that so-called conservatives would feel the need to try to regulate what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms. What hypocrites! I don't care what other people do with their bodies as long as they don't hurt others. Gay marriage? Bring it on. It's their right to marry who they please - except I draw the line at animals since who can tell whether it's consensual?

Just a note - have you ever considered the fact that a certain percentage of every animal population is gay? Seagulls have the highest average of gays in their population. It happens, so chill out homophobes.

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