Saturday, June 07, 2003

President Bush. Don't Hold Back!

Today, I noticed an enigmatic billboard in Oklahoma. It's plain, it's ambiguous, it's a tremendous waste of someone's money. It's black and white and says only "President Bush, Don't hold back!" "Hold back on what?", I think. What does this inane statement mean? Is it the Israeli lobby wanting Bush to bag the Palestinians? Is it Forbes wanting Bush to wipe out all taxes rich people have to pay? Is it the oil industry wanting Bush to remove all restrictions on environmental destruction? It could be anything. A search of the Internet reveals nothing about this billboard or campaign. What bugs me is the sheer waste of money to put up a billboard so ambiguous that it says nothing other than the sponsor seems to like something Bush is doing, or about to do. It also says the sponsor has far more money than he/she/it has sense.

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