Sunday, July 06, 2003

Easy to be spoiled

I bought a simple bamboo steamer recently. It was made in China. It's hard to find a "Made in USA" bamboo steamer. In reading the instructions on the side of the box it came in I was puzzled by the following English:

"The bamboo steam-cooker can acheieve (sic) better cooking by electric apparature. This steam-cooker set includes a pot for boiling water so that the pot can be heated by gas stove, or magnetice stove."

The operation instructions further advised:

"This steam-cooker made of nature bamboo. In 1st time. Boiling water remains light-brown water color due nature bamboo, no harm health." "If no clean, it will easy to be spoiled."

I was spoiled long ago but I just love reading instructions in English obviously written by non-English speakers. As more and more foreign companies get savvy and have their prose checked by native English speakers it's more difficult to find these gems.

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