Sunday, July 06, 2003

Steak and Potatoes Radio

Commercial radio in Oklahoma is awful. Commercial radio in America is awful. That is unless you like hip-hop, country, Christian, or a narrow spectrum of talk radio. Awful in choice and diversity that is. It's the steak and potatoes of the airwaves.

Just as an experiment I scanned the radio spectrum a few minutes ago and before I gave up I found a choice of several hip-hop or "urban" music stations (gag), a couple of country and western music options (ugh), three channels with preachers hollering at me (who listens to this?), two Christian music stations, four very conservative talk show stations, and several stations playing OLD rock and popular music. Only National Public Radio (NPR) had something to interest me. No cutting-edge music available at all. No politically moderate and in-depth talk shows to listen to. Certainly nothing from the political left on talk radio - not that I'd like that much more than the far right stuff.

I'm glad hip-hop lovers and rightwing folks have their thing to listen to but - What is a politically-moderate person interested in cutting edge music supposed to do? Don't look for help from Clear Channel Radio. Either listen to NPR for synaptic stimulation or go to the Internet. I go to - where you can find everything from Reggae to New Age to Europop to Electronica to listen to. When I can afford it I'll get one of those satellite radios for my car so I can have some choices. I just hope that Clear Channel doesn't buy it and homogenize it before I can experience it.

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