Monday, August 04, 2003

Will Bush Give in Again?

As Salon reports, Bush is thinking of cutting a little bit off the billions the US sends Israel every year. Why? Because Israel's Sharon refuses to stop building the giant fence meant to wall off the Palistinians from Israelis. The wall has been widely critized as a new Berlin Wall of the Middle East. It has also been criticized because its construction is more permanently cutting Palestinians off from land that has been taken from them by illegal expansionist Jewish settlements that the US has been calling for a stop to for years.

As intensely pro-Israel a president as we've ever had, President Bush has called on Sharon on a number of occassions to stop his aggressive tactics towards the Palistinians. Sharon and Israel have repeatedly thumbed their noses at the requests of their best friend. Each time Bush has been embarrassed by Sharon's brush-off Bush has quickly caved in and dropped his demands. Meanwhile, we have continued to pour billions in our tax money into Israel.

It's high time the US cut our subsidy of Israel while they ignore our requests. Let's not be surprised however if Bush caves in on this matter as well.

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