Friday, October 10, 2003

Pat Robertson Says Something Stupid

I know this is not surprising, but he is entertaining. His latest foolish statement came in an interview on his 700 Club program on CBN. Robertson interviewed Joel Mowbray about Mowbray's new book, "Dangerous Diplomacy." The book concludes with the assertion that if Mowbray could just set off a nuclear device in Foggy Bottom, the world would be a better place.

Robertson, TV evangelist that he is, agrees with Mowbray. Here's the
transcript of the conversation. I'm sure Robertson doesn't really advocate blowing up the State Department but he doesn't appreciate their work. But thank goodness they are handling diplomacy and Robertson isn't.

I have some problems with the insular and elitist culture within the State Department but I believe there is increasing evidence that if the professionals at State had been listened to that we would not have half the problems we are having in Iraq now. If you watched the PBS program Frontline last night you'd know what I mean. More on that soon.

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