Monday, October 06, 2003

State Fair Story #1

I saw Elvis on the trolley at the Tulsa State Fair. He was 55-ish,dressed in black leather, had the big black shades, pompadour, sideburns, rings on every finger, gold necklace, the works - and he was with his family. His wife didn't look like Priscilla Presley though - more of a Ruth Ann. His low-cut black undershirt that almost revealed his nipples was off-putting. He had a weary, "I'm so sick of being recognized" look on his face.

Elvis' wife seemed pleased to be married to Elvis - she made a point of calling after one of their offspring. "Roy Orbison!, you git yoor butt on thet be-unch!" What came to mind was the torture little Roy Orbison must go through on Parents Day at school.

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