Saturday, November 15, 2003

Extremists of the Left and Right in Control

My take on the upcoming presidential election is that it isn't looking too good at this point. The Democrats seem intent on choosing career politicians beholden to labor and the Republicans continue their descent into a neocon hell fought over by the fundamentalist Christian right and business interests. Centrists and independents have nowhere to go.

As for OkiePundit, the only way I would vote for Bush is if Al Sharpton is the Democratic nominee. Well, to tell you the truth, if Gephardt or Lieberman are the nominee I might just set the election out. I'm not sure about Howard Dean. I'm excited about Wesley Clark - the political neophyte. I could really get excited about the election if he was the nominee. But labor and the left are too self-interested and short-sighted to back a centrist like Clark I guess. But unless something strange happens, I'll be voting for Clark - but I'll have to register as a Democrat to do that. After I vote I'll re-register as an independent unless the Democrats come to their senses by going with Clark.

What America needs is a centrist political party. Let the extremists have their Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Parties - give us the pragmatic golden mean. What shall we call this centrist party? Your suggestions are welcome.

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