Monday, November 10, 2003

Lupica who?

Who is Lupica? I never heard of him before but I saw an anti-OU diatribe by this ESPN sports mouth on TV tonight that just made me laugh. He was complaining about OU scoring 77 points against Texas A&M this weekend - the claim being that OU was unsportsman-like because they scored so many points. I'm not a sports junkie but even I know that when you put your second and third-string players in for the entire last half of the game (like Stoops did) you are not trying to "run up the score". This ESPN goofball's line of reasoning was that because backup quarterback Thompson passed the ball and actually tried his best (and did great) that OU was guilty of trying to humiliate hapless A&M. Where does ESPN get blabbering idiots like Lupica and why do they put them on TV? There's got to be some good sportscasters needing jobs - aren't there?

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