Monday, November 10, 2003

Got Life?

Last week Bush signed into law a bill outlawing "partial birth abortion" and courts immediately stepped in with injunctions. This particular form of abortion I will not even describe to you as the details are quite horrid. Abortion is an issue I've changed my mind on. I used to lean towards the "pro-choice" side, partly I think, out of a desire not to be associated with religious fundamentalists and right wing extremists. I still want nothing to do with these folks but I decided some time ago that my aversion to them on most issues was not a valid reason to oppose them on all issues.

Fact is, I do believe that abortion really is murder. I think life is something special, if not sacred, and snuffing out a person, no matter their age, is not right. I find it hard to believe that people can abort a life because it is somehow inconvenient for them. A woman's right to choose is trumped by the baby's right to live.

It is a mystery to me why this would be a partisan issue or an issue owned by the extreme right. I don't understand why liberals are anti-war and pro-abortion. It's also a mystery to me why many religious fundamentalists and conservatives are so pro-life in this regard and so comfortable with war, guns, and inhumane treatment of animals. Compassion should transcend politics and even religion.

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