Thursday, April 22, 2004

Alanis Thumbs Her Nipples at US: Still Silent on Dalai Lama Visit

Last month Canadian singer Alanis Morissette used a performance before 17,000 in Canada to demonstrate against US reaction to Janet Jackson's bare breast at the Super Bowl by declaring "I am overjoyed to be back in my homeland, the true North ... strong and censor-free." Alanis make this declaration while dressed in a "nude suit" fitted out with fake nipples and pubic hair. New Zealand's Scoop has the best photos of her prank In excersing her right to protest Alanis went out of her way to thumb her nipples at the United States. OkiePundit is against censorship but does think it reasonable to keep cursing and nudity off the public airwaves where families should be able to expect family-friendly behavior. OkiePundit owns some Alanis CDs but won't be buying anymore - not because of her position on the issue but because of her disrespect for the American people.

Speaking of Canada, the current and previous Canadian Prime Ministers have gone out of their way NOT to address human rights abuses in China. While PM Martin will meet with the Dalai Lama while he is in Canada this week he will, at China's demand, discuss religious and not political or human rights issues with the Tibetan leader. There's and interesting story by Mike Blanchfield of the Ottawa Sun on the pocketbook reasons the Canadian Prime Ministers' refuse to confront China's dictators over human rights. So where is Alanis on this human rights issue affecting OVER 1 BILLION PEOPLE? If she speaks up on the Canadian Administration's negligence in this matter I'll buy her CD after all.

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