Saturday, April 24, 2004


I'm watching a TV show right now called "Manna-fest with Perry Stone" - he is instructing me on the future and the identity of the anti-Christ using a room full of props and maps. What I've learned so far is that the anti-Christ will be a Muslim that will rule over the Middle East, that the European Union is one head of a seven-headed dragon that will reject Christ, that the US took the Bible out of the public schools and that "people" are trying to outlaw Bible study groups from meeting in homes. Now he's telling me that America is the Roman Empire talked of in the Bible because, among other things, we tolerate multiple gods, sexual deviance and too much sports. Then he offers us a videotape that will show how the anti-Christ will rule from Baghdad and how the new version of the plague of locusts will be an invading army of Muslims.

Then he offers a bracelet for sale that has Christian and Jewish charms on it. It has an Israeli flag in the center. And it's just $30 + shipping.

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