Saturday, September 25, 2004

Brad Carson, a liberal?

I've missed out on a lot of the political ads from the US Senate race in Oklahoma. I just don't watch that much local television programming - I especially avoid the vacuous local news so I miss the ads. But I did catch one from Tom Coburn this evening as I was flipping through channels - and it was very illuminating. Did you know that Brad Carson is a liberal? That's what Coburn says in his ad and if this rock of morality says so it must be true! Yeah right.

If Brad Carson is a liberal then Coburn must be just a tad left of center. Carson, a man in love with the NRA, is so conservative that this moderate will have to hold his nose to vote for him. Before this election started OkiePundit was of the opinion that Coburn was an unusually honest politician but too far to the extreme right and too interested in legislating morality - his idea of morality. Now I just think he's an extremist willing to lie to us to get elected.

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