Sunday, September 19, 2004

More Aggressive Scams

I've noticed, in the last six months, a significant increase in the number of email-driven scams I'm receiving in my inbox. There's been a huge increase in the type of scam that purports to be a bank or other financial institution wanting me to "update my account information" by clicking on a link and filling out a form that asks for all the vital data someone would need to steal my identity. I just got one of these from "Citizen's Bank" wanting me to do just this. Got the same thing the other day from "Pay Pal" wanting me to update my account data. Only trouble is, I have no accounts with Citizen's Bank or Pay Pal. This is usually a clue that the appeal is a scam.

Another good clue to the lack of authenticity is the poor English and grammar of most of these emails. They are obviously written by the illiterate or by people whose native language is not English.

Why can't the feds or Interpol track down these scam artists? Can't they follow the money trail?

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