Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Oklahoma slams door shut on Eco-terrorists

The whip-smart bunch at the Capitol in Oklahoma City have taken strong measures to put a stop to terrorism in Oklahoma - eco-terrorism that is. In response to a veritable avalanche of imagined animal rights activists overrunning Oklahoma farms and "disrupting" farm operations, the State Legislature passed a law making it a felony to "disrupt" farm operations. And our Governor signed it with dispatch.

Rep. James Covey, D-Custer City, House author of the anti-terrorist bill said the bill is a preventative measure to head off actions by "radical animal rights" groups. Then, if something happens, at least there is some teeth in the law," Covey said. Others said it was time to protect corporate hog farms and factory farms from complaints filed by uppity neighbors and journalists. "The environmentalists and animal rights nuts haven't actually done nuttin yet," said Delmer Hinks of Pookville, "but this here law will keep em from even tinkin about it. It was jus' real smart of those senators to make it look like it had somethin' to do wit terrorism."

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