Friday, April 25, 2003

We should have known...

that the religious extremists in Iraq would want to create a theocracy once Saddamm was gone. Now the Shiites want to create an Islamic religious state and force everyone else to obey their religious laws. It's disgusting yes, but didn't we know this would happen? Shouldn't we have known these clerics would be completely ungrateful for our sacrifices to remove their secular dictator? A dictatorship of the clerics is coming I'm afraid. And the fools dance in the streets of Iraq slashing themselves with knives, beating themselves with chains, and demanding a religious dictatorship. Were these people worth it?

Ironically, as we try to create a secular democracy in Iraq our own administration moves ever closer to mingling religion and government in our own country. One Texas Congressman, Tom DeLay, recently said he did not believe in a separation of church and state. I would invite that Congressman to consider Basra as a place he'd be more comfortable in.

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