Saturday, April 26, 2003

Regime Change at OSU Looks like a Texas Occupation - an expensive one perhaps.

OSU's new president, David Schmidly, is said to be close to a faculty revolt. As he moves longtime OSU loyalists out and moves more fellow Texans in to surround him he seems to be going out of his way to irritate folks in Stillwater. A series of perfunctory, single-candidate "searches" for new VPs have quickly resulted in hiring his friends from Texas Tech - where Schmidly came from. The new president is moving everyone out of Whitehurst to make room for his new Texas Tech wing for his new hires that surround him. At a time the state budget is under severe pressure Schmidley is paying his new hires an incredible $180,000 per year. Meanwhile, OSU is planning on spending heavily to move the OSU Center for Health Sciences from its current modern home on 17th Street in Tulsa to the OSU-Tulsa campus on North Greenwood. The move of about 2 miles will cost the state $40 million.

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