Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Biblical Beasts

Among all the political brochures in the mail today I received this standout:

This appeal to the fear of evil beasts is not uncommon - the preachers usually tie such demons to social trends they don't agree with. When I was a kid I remember going to something like this - my parents let our neighbors take me - and it did scare the hell out of me but it wasn't the demons that scared me - it was the crazy adults! All I remember was the preacher breaking "rock n roll" records on the stage and demanding all the kids in the audience repent. I did, out of a fear of attracting more attention, all the while cursing (in my mind) the looney adults that surrounded me. I'm sure I was counted among the "saved" by the organizers of that event those many years ago - and I was - I was saved from ever being naive enough to go to one of these again.

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