Tuesday, October 12, 2004

TV Stations Happy, Lesbians Run Rampant

The TV stations in Oklahoma are grateful for the advertising cash flowing in from out-of-state special interest groups trying to influence the Carson vs Coburn fight for US Senate. With the presidential campaigns completely ignoring Oklabushhoma it must come as a relief to the stations that the fight over control of the US Senate means money in their pockets. The Club for Growth, and its offshoot, clubforgrowth.net, are pouring money into Oklahoma for anti-Carson ads. So is the National Republican Senatorial Committee. To a lesser extent, moveon.org spent money earlier on in the campaign for anti-Coburn ads.

Both sides in the Senate fight have used negative advertising but the pro-Coburn side has excelled at the silly namecalling and ridiculous claims. The Club for Growth ad for example claims Carson is "a bigger spender than John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton combined." Do they really think we are so stupid as to believe that one?

The Club for Growth must be on pins and needles hoping Coburn stop sticking his foot in his mouth. A report in the Tulsa World quotes people in Southeast Oklahoma saying that Coburn told a crowd that SE Oklahoma had a rampant lesbian problem - so much so that girls weren't allowed to go to the school bathrooms at the same time. Sources such as IOL cover the lesbian remarks in detail. It's hard to believe Coburn would be so out of touch with reality but he's said some pretty outlandish things before. One thing I'm sure of is Oklahoma doesn't need a Zell Millerish nutcase in DC bringing ridicule upon our already mistreated state.

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