Friday, January 17, 2003

Drew Edmondson hits Nail on Head

In a Tulsa World editorial today they point out that the cockfighter's continuing effort to overturn the results of an election outlawing their cruel activity in Oklahoma is giving the state a poor image. The worsening image is a result not only that we were one of the last states to ban cockfighting but that some of our rural judges have cooperated with the cockfighters to prevent enforcement of the ban. These gamblers, law breakers, and inhumane characters don't give a damn about Oklahoma.

The World offers a great qoute from our state Attorney General, Drew Edmondson:

"My opinion is that the issue is bigger than cockfighting. It is about the validity of the constitional right to engage in the initiative petition process. The power of the people is what is at issue here."
Right on Mr. Edmondson.

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