Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Update on Lt Gov

As a followup to the blog from last week - word is that the Lt Governor accepted the forced resignations of three of her former staff people. Now lets see if she denies these former employees unemployment benefits. I hope not. That would be dirty, dirty, dirty.

Word is that her chief of staff , Levy, is already out to undermine Governor Brad Henry. The new Governor seems to be serious about bipartisanship though and Levy needs to give him some room and some time.

While I applaud the bipartisanship let's hope Governor Henry doesn't make the mistake of putting his close friends to work for him. Former Governor Bellmon said the worst thing a Governor can do is hire his friends. Especially his old Senator friends. And that goes for both parties. The new Governor doesn't need a corruption scandal to divert him from the business at hand.

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