Friday, January 17, 2003

Where is Frosty Troy's Head At?

Many are asking what has happened to Frosty Troy, publisher of the Oklahoma Observor, to lead him to support Senator Shurden's attempt to gut the anti-cockfighting legislation the people recently passed by initiative petition. Has he gone off the deep end or is this famously anti-Daily Oklahoma writer mad because the D.O. has weighed in on the anti-cockfighting side? Has Frosty become an anti-intellectual Ludite? A supporter of anti-democratic, backroom power politics? Frosty! Tell us it ain't so!!

Frosty is too smart a fellow to siddle up to Frank Shurden. Too smart to not know that the people have spoken through the initiative petition and election process. Too smart to not know what damage cockfighting does both to the people who participate in it and to Oklahoma's image. Well, maybe not.

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