Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Naive Koreans
Flyovercountry illuminates the naive nature of some South Korean young people:

Some people in South Korea think they don’t need U.S. troops anymore:

"If the United States left, I wouldn't mind," says Kim Young Ran, 29. "If North Korea wants nuclear weapons, I think they should have them. The U.S. and so many other countries have them. There's no way North Korea will attack us with their nuclear weapons. I don't think so. We're the same country. You don't bomb and kill your family. We share the same blood."
posted by Chris at 12:08 PM

Young South Korean college students are among the most naive humans on Earth. I've heard the above sentiment from more than one. If you ask these students "who started the Korean War"? - most of them will say it was started by the United States. By the way, that would be an incorrect answer. Many of them actually believe the kindly North Koreans would never kill their brethren in South Korea. I hope they don't have to find out how wrong they are.

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